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Independent learning through active group participation

Workshops are the perfect setting for in-depth discussions and practical learning on a specific topic. The workshops organised during the conference will focus on specific topics, inviting participants to be actively involved in discussions during these workshops.

Leading the Entrepreneurial University

The workshop is designed for university staff, in a wide range of roles, who want to explore the concept of the entrepreneurial university and learn about the practical steps by which they can help themselves, their students and their colleagues to become more entrepreneurial. The workshop will involve a series of exercises in which participants will be guided to explore definitions of the entrepreneurial university, its role in the regional/national eco-system, and the parts played by leaders, members of staff and students. The emphasis will be on sharing experiences and challenges. Case studies and key references will be used to support the exercises. The workshop will help you to meet new colleagues and work together to co-create a path to becoming more entrepreneurial in your own organisation.

Professor Paul Coyle
UIIN Director for Executive Education

University-Business Cooperation Workshop

A workshop for developing knowledge transfer, engagement or collaboration between university and business

Are you trying to develop better knowledge transfer or university engagement?

University-Business Cooperation (UBC) has gained a position the agendas of policymakers and HEI managers. However, its management and regulation remain challenging due to the complexity of UBC phenomenon, the lack of a common understanding of the topic and the lack of ‘the big picture’ that connect all the elements. Similarly, the research on UBC is rapidly increasing, but the lack of shared concepts and a common framework makes research in UBC narrow, fragmented and non-comparable, hindering its development.

This workshop will present the UBC Ecosystem Framework, a tool for researchers, managers and policymakers to gain a better understanding of how UBC work and support the process to foster, promote and strengthen it. The workshop will give a clear and common picture of the most important elements in UBC (inputs, activities, outcomes, impacts, influencing factors and supporting mechanisms) and their interrelations. The workshop will provide a vital framework for researchers and practical outcomes for practitioners, enabling them to apply the framework in their own research and institution.

Prof. Dr. Todd Davey
Project Director, UB Cooperation
Dr. Victoria Galan Muros
Senior Associate Consultant, Technopolis Group

Science-to-Business Marketing Workshop

The traditional Technology Transfer as a Push-Process has to be complemented by a Pull-Approach: Marketing deals with customers and their needs and potential benefits. Science-to-Business Marketing applies this approach to HEI’s research and university-industry interaction. In this workshop you will further develop your market-orientation and learn methods how to put this approach into practice.

Also the Workshop offers a transfer of the tool “Business Potential Canvas” to not only industry but also to Society (“Benefitting Society Canvas”).

Professor Thomas Baaken
Managing Director of the Science-to-Business Marketing Research Centre
Friederike von Hagen
Euregio Project KRAKE

Regional Innovation Workshop - How to establish Regional Innovation Alliances

The Innovation Alliance partnership is a major new EU-funded programme designed to develop collaborations between higher education institutions, small and medium sized enterprises and innovation support organisations.

It is aimed at helping SMEs to access research and training in universities to boost their innovation capacity and benefit their bottom line, while universities will be able to find new outlets to generate direct economic returns from their research.

This workshop describes an innovative approach being piloted across Europe in the development of Regional Alliances of actors within local Entrepreneurial Ecosystems, who have come together to develop direct working relationships to drive innovation in their regions.

Innovation Alliances have already been formed in four countries and their work is already bringing results - you can hear about the efforts of all four EU Innovation Alliances today….

Join this highly-interactive, hands-on workshop to learn:
  • How to form an Innovation Alliance
  • What works/ what doesn't
  • About Roadmaps for HEI/SME Collaboration
  • How to most effectively transfer University research to benefit both SMEs and HEIs
  • How to best advise project participants on the most effective pathways to achieve innovation in regions
  • How to increase competitiveness through collaboration

Dr. Conor Patterson
Chief Executive at Newry & Mourne Enterprise Agency

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