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Sharing - Learning - Networking

Wednesday 1st June 2016 ("Workshop & Tour Day")

Time Activity
14:00 - 14:30 Welcome
14:30 - 16:00 University-Business Cooperation Workshop
(part 1)

Entrepreneurial Universities Workshop
(part 1)

Regional Innovation Workshop
(part 1)

Science-to-Business Marketing Workshop
(part 1)

Research & Innovation Tour
(part 1)
16:00 - 16:30 Coffee break
16:30 - 18:00 University-Business Cooperation Workshop
(part 2)

Entrepreneurial Universities Workshop
(part 2)

Regional Innovation Workshop
(part 2)

Science-to-Business Marketing Workshop
(part 2)

Research & Innovation Tour
(part 2)
18:00 - 20:30 Free time
20:45 - 23:00 Pre-conference get-together

Thursday 2nd June 2016 (Conference day 2)

Time Activity
9:00 - 9:30 Conference registration and warm-up coffee
9:30 - 9:40 Welcome address by organisers
Arno Meerman
CEO, University Industry Innovation Network
9:40 - 11:00 Business Panel Discussion

Dr. Reinier Grimbergen
Director Science to Innovate at Royal DSM
Nathalie van der Valk
HR Manager at Konica Minolta Business Solutions
Filip Arnaut
Research and Development Director at Puratos - a global player and innovator in the food industry
Professor Jan Cobbenhagen
CEO Maastricht University Holding b.v.
11:00 - 11:30 Coffee break





Good / Next
Practice Track

11:30 - 13:00

Characteristics affecting university-industry interaction

Companies' human capital required for collaboration: toward a focus on university relations
Ekaterina Albats

Research partnerships between business researchers and industry.
Kasia Zalewska-Kurek

Climbing onto the Shoulders of Giants: Partner Selection and Uncertainty in University-Industry Linkages
Andrew Johnston

Exploring the impact of location on university-business relationships in Belgium: a social network approach
André Spithoven

Session chair:
Pablo D'Este

Entrepreneurial universities

Corporate Governance in Higher Education Institutions
María-Andrea Trujillo, Alexander Guzmán

Environmental and internal factors affecting Entrepreneurial University’s results: a European approach
Leire Markuerkiaga

Differences in perception of entrepreneurial culture and entrepreneurial activity ties in a university
Jessica Eriksson

Conceptualizing An Entrepreneurial University: The Case Of Jönköping University, Sweden
Negin Fallah Haghighi

Session chair:
Carolin Plewa

Teaching entrepreneurial thinking and acting

When innovative spirit meets a 5 Euro StartUp: Combining theoretical and practical modules to create an entrepreneurial ecosystem in social and cultural sciences
Michael Kriegel

Learning to be Innovative Reformer
Juha Hautanen, Juha Tuulaniemi

Transforming Communities in Conflict through Enterprise Education and Support
Jonathan McAlpin, Canice Hamill

"The idea-garden" - an inter-disciplinary and inter
Kathrin Treutinger

Session chair:
Jean-Pierre Segers

National and global network structures

Innovation process models: a new proposal to measure the innovation stage of companies based on the experience of the DIRETE project
Vincenzo Filardi

From AUS to USA
Kathryn Anderson

Innovation Centre Denmark – a unique governmental set-up to support international university –industry collaboration
Emilie Normann

What actually happens if you commercialise things right? The UniPartners model

Session chair:
Mikko Korpela

Next practice pitches

Utilizing Tri-Partite Global Government-Academic Partnership Programs to Enhance Central/Eastern Europe Regional Innovation Culture

Neurological insights: How to spot when you are killing creativity through assessment, and what to do next
Andy Penaluna, Kathryn Penaluna, Elin MCallum

The Cardiff Innovation System
ElinLloyd Jones

Walking the line in the attempt of catalyzing the student’s professional identity through mentoring
René Bennyson, Malene Blond, Birgitte Kjølner Hansen

A cross-disciplinary incubation environment with the involvement from entrepreneurs from the industry.
Anni Stavnskær Pedersen, Malene Blond, Thomas Fisker Nielsen

Amsterdam Science Park: a novel technology transfer ecosystem
Mirjam Leloux

Creative Exchange: Tools and mechanisms for cross-sector collaboration
Naomi Jacobs, Malé Luján Escalante

SBE Success Story in using Research Collaboration as Linchpin for Industry - Academia Linkages
Sami Ullah Bajwa

Laurea StartUp: how to integrate learning entrepreneurial qualifications, activation to entrepreneurship and accelerating start-ups
Antti Vettenranta

The development and validation of a simulation test for the objective assessment of a student’s entrepreneurial potential.
Cédric Velghe

The implementation of a University -Industry liaison office by a consortium of seven Cyprus Universities.
Christopher Christodoulides, Michalis Savva

Session chair:
Jochen Barth

13:00 - 14:30

Lunch & Poster/Next-Practice Session

The third role of universities in the 21st century
Darja Kubečková

Inclusive Entrepreneurship: Creating An Inclusive Entrepreneurial Ecosystem
Claire Zerwas

Network analysis of support fund for SME-government-university collaboration projects in Japan
Haruhiko Maenami

University-Industry Linkage: Universidad de La Frontera's case
Susana Candia

Curricular internship as Entrepreneurial University indicator. Evidence from Italian Courses of Studies.
Francesca Esposito

Leadership skills for future young leaders and start-up founders. A preliminary investigation
Dimitra Iordanoglou

Supporting Innovation in SMEs through Bridging Research and Industry
Ileana Hamburg

14:30 - 15:45

Characteristics, attitudes and skills in student entrepreneurship

The development of student start-ups social network over time
Martin Haring

University-Business Collaboration in Entrepreneurship Education Programs: impact on students’ entrepreneurial characteristics
Ana Isabel Dias Daniel

Panel study of entrepreneurial intentions of higher education students
Sanna Joensuu-Salo, Elina Varamäki, Anmari Viljamaa

Session chair:
Alfredo Yegros-Yegros

Entrepreneurship and leadership skills and education

The marketization of higher education: A causal analysis of innovation in UK universities niversities? A panel data investigation of UK universities
Nola Hewitt-Dundas, Stephen Roper

Harnessing the Elusive Expertise of Big Picture Thinkers
Robin Adams, Candee Krautkramer

Effective Innovation Leadership
Sabrina Schork

Session chair:
Andy Penaluna

Technology transfer and collaborative partnerships

Technology Transfer in the European Union Best Practice Solutions based on the project KBB Trans
Wolfgang Schabereiter

Optimising the patent portfolio budget
Bruno Reynolds, Dominic Forsythe

Big Data Collaboration Leads to Big Impact - A Case Study for Building Collaborative Partnerships Between Universities and the Information Technology Industry
Samantha Kahoe, Cameron McCoy, John Matranga

Session chair:
Tom Withnell

University-Business cooperation in ...

What Latvia Can Learn From Israel University-Industry-Innovation Cooperation
Irena Vaivode

Understanding University-Business Cooperation to enhance profession oriented higher education in Vietnam
Siep Littooij, Todd Davey

The Finnish UBC study results and what hasn’t happened since

Session chair:
Emilie Normann

Good practice cases: Innovation in education & training

Improving the relevance of higher education by working with real life cases: the pop-up stores
Brenda Wilmots, Annelies Schrooten

Making the Most of Masters: An innovative approach to employer engagement in Higher Education Institutes in Scotland
Eunice Atkins, Wendy Rudland

The TKgune programme: The Basque Vocational Education and Training System as an innovation facilitator for the SMEs.
Mikel Leunda, Bittor Arias

Session chair:
Irene Sheridan

15:45 - 16:00 Coffee break
16:00 - 17:30

Influencing factors, characteristics and benefits of collaboration and commercialisation

An Integrative Classification Framework For The Results Of University-Business Cooperation
Victoria Galan-Muros, Todd Davey, Carolin Plewa

Cultural differences in scientist’s attitudes towards patenting: comparison of Hungary and Japan
Sándor Huszár

Upstream and downstream knowledge-based antecedents of academic entrepreneurship and technology transfer
Pablo D’Este, Alfredo Yegros-Yegros

Entrepreneurial filter - conceptualising academic spinout success
Dan Prokop

Session chair:
Thomas Baaken

University engagement with the environment

Research Collaboration Fostering Mutual Value Of Universities And SMEs
Kari Laine

Industry and academia: cooperation models for educational innovation
Rosaria Pace

Universities, knowledge exchange and policy: A comparative study of Ireland and the United Kingdom
Qiantao Zhang

Universities within and with cities
Jari Kolehmainen, Maria Mäntylä

Science and technology parks

The Role Of Science And Technology Parks In Creating Start-Up Community And Entrepreneurship Ecosystem
Justyna Adamska

Clarifying Assessment Outcomes for a University-Based Technology Park
Joaquin Guerra

Science and Technology Parks as promoters of entrepreneurial universities based on the Triple Helix paradigm
Juan A. Bertolin

Session chair:
Cameron McCoy

Entrepreneurial and engaged university models

Worlds Collide – Creating An Entrepreneurial Mindset For The University
Hannu Kaikonen, Satu Hyökki, Minna Piipponen

The model of the University of Pecs to become the first entrepreneurial university of Hungary
Nikolett Huba-Varga

A Case Study of Kansas State University's Strategic Partner Pathway
Kent Glasscock, Rebecca Robinson

Entrepreneurial universities: the casse of the Agricultural University Bogor, IPB
Huub Mudde

Session chair:
Janinka Feenstra

Good practice cases: Regional engagement

Threading the Triple Helix: University of Wisconsin (U.S.) Economic Development Effort Expansion: A University-Government-Business Alignment
Cathy Sandeen

Biocity: Creating, Growing and Investing in UK Life Sciences Companies
Yvonne Barnett

A research park as an engine for the Triple Helix Model of Industry, government and academic interactions: Centennial Campus’ Springboard Innovation Hub case study
Adriana Ferreira de Faria

Session chair:
Lars Frolund

17:30 - 18:15 Keynote speaker session

Professor Peter Kelly
Professor of Practice at the Aalto School of Science
18:30 - 19:30 Champagne reception and boat tour
19:30 - 24:00 Conference dinner

Friday 3rd June 2016 (Conference day 3)

Time Activity
9:00 - 9:30 Warm-up coffee
09:30 - 10:15 Keynote speaker session
Professor Mike Wright
Professor of Entrepreneurship, Imperial College Business School
10:15 - 10:45 Coffee break





Good / Next
Practice Track

10:45 - 12:15

Collaboration and co-creation for innovation

Third mission of Italian universities: opportunities for innovation in alliances with industry
Fabio Ledda

Ecosystem centric co-creation: a framework and typology
Muthu de SIlva, Mike Wright

The Cocreation-Wheel: instrument for innovation between industry and university
Corry Ehlen

Session chair:
Norbert Buzás

Research and development partnerships, strategy and finance- a workshop by PwC

PwC workshop
Rob Wullems

Innovation and the University- Industry Nexus

The growing demand for universities to become more proactive and engaged organisations

Four senior practitioners will present this session from universities in Australia, Denmark and Israel. Collectively the panel has extensive and deep experiences of not only working with industry on student and academic entrepreneurial activities but within industry.

(Business) acquiring knowledge from universities

Collaborative University-Business Inquiry into Elusive “Big Picture Thinking” Expertise
Robin Adams, Candee Krautkramer

In search of knowledge for innovation: a study of Italian SMEs
Gabriella Bettiol

Re-Inventing and Expanding a Successful Professional Development Program for Business and Industry
Nikos Kiritsis

Session chair:
Max Riedel

Next practice pitches

New Ways of Innovation Support for the Greater Zurich Area
Niklaus Waldvogel, Suzana Atanasoski, Charlotte Geerdink

The Business Intelligence & Smart Services Institute
Claudia van Oppen

Experiential Learning and Collaboration to Leverage Higher Education.
Alvaro Mancilla Moreno

Kiron Open Higher Education for Refugees
Ingmar Moust

Next Practice – implementing a systematic approach in university-industry cooperation
Jonna Pedersen, Lars Nielsen

The GAIA Program: A Successful Model of University-Business Cooperation for Enhancing Graduate Employability
Oscar Cubillo

A platform for strengthening and systematizing the transfer of R&D results to the marketplace and society: The case of Pontificia Universidad Católca de Chile.
Claudio Parra Mora

Triple Helix Plus+ for Enhanced University-Industry Partnership: The University of Port Harcourt Experience
Chineze Uche

The quintuple helix approach for creating an entrepreneurial ecosystem around the smart mobility solutions
Antonia Sapia, Alberto Soraci

Knowledge & Technology alliance “Agro-Food Industries Alliance”
Khaled Elsaadany

Teaching Biotechnology for Human Health: from the Bench to the Market
Barbara Vetturini

Establishing the Business Accelerator at the School of Business and Management of Technology of BSU
Radzivon Marozau

Session chair:
Alejandra Alvaredo

12:15 - 13:45

Lunch & Poster/Next-Practice Session

‘Increasing understanding of Knowledge Exchange and Commercialisation practitioners in UK universities’
Mattia Fosci, Tamsin Mann

NANOREMOVAS: a model of university industry coperation in a international cooperation contest
Antonia Sapia, Alberto Soraci

An Online Tool for Business Modelling with a refinement of the business canvas
Rogier Brussee

An exploration of engagement interactions between an Irish Higher Education Instituion and a Non-Profit Organization
Margaret Linehan, Irene Sheridan

How to make business impacts in university-industry collaboration? A strategy case study
Miika Kajanus

Fostering University-Industry Collaboration in the Argentine ICT Sector

University-firm interactions in Costa Rica
Jeffrey Orozco

Innovation process in small and medium‐sized enterprises through university collaboration
Gladys Bastidas

A model of technology transfer from public to private in pharmaceutical sector
Luciana Akissue de Camargo Teixeira, Ana Marisa Chudzinski Tavassi

13:45 - 15:15

Communication and networking in university-industry interaction

Knowledge exchange between universities and SMEs: The ‘situation’ of SMEs
Sarai Løkkegaard

The Role of Digital Storytelling in the Innovation and Commercialization Processes among the Finnish UAS

The role of networking style with respect to entrepreneurial behaviour of academics
Sue Rossano, Tobias Kesting

Managing Collaborative University-Industry R&D Funded Contracts – The Human perspective
Eduardo B. Pinto

Session chair:
Sami Ullah

The challenge of Industry-University collaboration – speaking the same language

The challenge of Industry-University collaboration
Ixchel Brennan, Todd Davey, Cameron McCoy, Carolin Plewa

UniSA, together with 3 other experts from Australia, Europe and the United States will host this workshop focussed on addressing major challenges in the area of Industry-University Collaboration.

E-learning & Collaborative PhDs

An Investigation Into The Most Promising Tools For E-Learning: The Modern Toolkit Project
Canice Hamill

Making a Digital and Social Media Marketing MOOC: Lessons for university-industry interaction
Aleksej Heinze

Aligning the Stars, Hard Work and Commitment
Austin Hanley

Collaborative Doctoral Education in Europe: Research Partnerships and Employability for Researchers
Rita Morais

Session chair:
Leire Markuerkiaga

Regional and national alliances

Innovation Alliances - various perspectives and examples
Connor Patterson

Supporting second-time, underperforming and aspiring entrepreneurs through RESTART Alliances
Padraig Gallagher

Enabling youth entrepreneurship to revitalize the local economy
John Knight, Neil Emery

Empowering young unemployed or underemployed graduates to become entrepreneurs and high value employees
Joe English

Session chair:
Huub Mudde

Good practice: Entrepreneurial ecosystem

How to realize your entrepreneurial dream while studying? ARTEpreneur is the answer!
An Boone

University of Twente: no. 1 in the Dutch national valorisation ranking
Janinka Feenstra, Marieke Hofste

Session chair:
Thomas Baaken

15:15 - 15:30 Coffee break
15:30 - 17:00

Policies and structures in collaboration and commercialisation

Outsourcing of entrepreneurial activities: enhancing commercialisation or creating bottlenecks within the university ecosystems?
Tobias Kesting

Impact of policies to foster entrepreneurship and innovation in Mexico: A study on Business Incubators
Lizbeth Martínez Ramírez

Focusing on the triple helix: a strategy for ensuring continuity and growth in crisis struck countries
Panayiotis Ketikidis, Besart Hajrizi

Policy design for STI cooperation in ASEAN
Kerstin Wilde

Session chair:
Victoria Galan-Muros

University-Industry Interaction: Examples from the Leaders in Industry-University Cooperation Program in South Korea

An introduction to the Leaders in Industry-university Cooperation (LINC) Program
Changone Kim

Industry-University Collaboration for Nurturing Future Talent: The Case of Yonsei Univeristy Wonju Campus
Hee-Joung Kim, Hansuk Kim

Becoming the Regional Leader in Industry-University Cooperation in Energy Convergence and Biotechnologya
Hee Young Lee

A growth model of local companies by star company project
Sung-Ho, Kim

University-industry cooperation through arts therapy
Changone Kim

Session chair:
Changone Kim

Making cooperation and innovation work

Management driven Univeristy Industry Interaction for successfull impact
Angela Hillemyr, Per Lövsund, Mats Rydehell

Crossing The Valley Of Death By Taking Gender Responsive Innovation Steps
Elizabeth Pollitzer

Towards a Platform for Collaborative Innovation: A roadmap for a small University of Applied Sciences
Hannes Raffaseder, Gabriele Permoser

University-Industry Cooperation in Cyber Security Domain: Multi-Model Approach, Tools and Cases
Artem Boyarchuk

Session chair:
Guy Bauwen

Education programmes and educational change

Student Induction Programme at RISEBA University: Integrating Business and Art
Polina Naidenko, Aivars Helde

A model of work-based learning for graduates in Ireland
Daithi Fallon, Irene Sheridan

Idea-Mining Cycle
Marc Oliver Stallony

The role of University – Industry Advisory Boards in facilitating Educational Change
Alison Lewis

Session chair:
Esther Haag

Good Practices: Structures in university-industry interaction

UK’S First Faculty On The Factory Floor – A Holistic Approach To Skills, Research And Business
Steve Jones

”Gain insight, Oiva”, Enterprise Social Network Software Supporting University-Business Cooperation
Esa Ala-Uotila

A new culture of innovation in Scotland -The case for Digital Health & Care Institute
Sanna Rimpiläinen

Session chair:
Charlotte Geerdink

17:00 - 17:15
Closing session



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